Our Clientele & Services

Although adopted adolescents and adults are identified as our primary clientele since we are attempting to fill a large gap in mental health services, Northstar Consulting affiliates are also highly qualified and experienced in providing services to birth parents or other birth family members, and to adoptive parents and siblings. In fact, in the treatment of adopted adolescents, we believe that the parents, and sometimes other family members, are an important part of the overall treatment plan. We recommend that when the adopted adolescent (especially age 13-17) is being treated, it is usually a good plan for their parents to have regular/intermittent clinical consultations with a different psychotherapist, with the understanding that the therapists will collaborate.

A Note to Hospitals and Residential Treatment Programs: When an adopted person is hospitalized or admitted to residential care, and the family is in the metropolitan NY area, we believe that a Northstar affiliate would be a most suitable resource for consultation and treatment for the family. Northstar affiliates collaborate closely with treatment staff of all facilities.

Northstar TeleConsulting (full description here): For adoptive parents outside NY whose adopted daughter or son is hospitalized or in residential treatment, we are available as consultants for them by videophone and, with their consent, for the therapists treating their daughter or son. For example, taking a detailed history is very important, and we can assist with that. The following questionnaire is the information needed on the adopted person’s history.

Consultation to the Professions: Several Northstar affiliates are available to provide consultation and in-service training/presentations/discussions to individuals and groups in mental health, adoption, law, research, medicine, and the educational system. In particular, some affiliates have a special interest in exchanging our respective areas of expertise with selected hospitals, clinics, and residential treatment programs, where adopted patients – especially in adolescence and young adulthood – tend to be greatly overrepresented.

Now Underway: Survey of Psychotherapists in College Counseling Services
In January, 2018 Northstar launched a survey of psychotherapists working in college and university counseling services, inviting their participation in the event that they see one or more adopted students. This survey represents the first effort ever undertaken to obtain data relating to adopted students’ presenting concerns and adoptive status, i.e., data from the relatively healthy young adult population of adopted people. This study will likely continue through the 2019-20 academic year. Find the survey here.

A Survey of State-Licensed Psychotherapists Regarding Their Treatment of Adopted Adolescents/Adults: We plan to conduct a survey as a means of adding to our knowledge-base. We invite interested colleagues to be in touch with us.

The way adopted people report their experience with previous therapists.